On The Shelf: Buxom Powerplump Lip Balm


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Buxom Powerplump lip balm

A super hydrating lip plumping balm that glides on like silk. Infused with plumping ingredients to achieve fuller-looking lips, Powerplump's moisturizing ingredients help lips looks as good as they feel. This lip plumper delivers a sheer, just-kissed pink tint that blooms to your natural lip tone. 


Paris House is Tres Cool

Paris House is Tres Cool


"I don't know why I'm outta bed, good morning Tokyo" reads the inside of the bill fold you see up there; an unexpected and charmingly humorous surprise, as like the rest of the goods you'll find in Sharon Paris' line of leather wallets, card holders, pouches and more. Conceptual, tongue-in-cheek products that have left many smiles on many faces. And on this early Monday morning, let us be the second to say, we share this wallet's sentiments and don't know why we're outta bed either.


Film Club Friday: The Fifth Element

Film Club Friday

A look inspired by: The Fifth Element


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