How to Make a Book in 5 Steps


How to Make a Book

In 5 Steps


This past December, Blurb reached out and said they would like to sponsor the creation of my first book. Of course I jumped at the opportunity because, whilst bookmaking was most definitely on my monumental list of things to do, I had never actually carved out the time to execute any part of it – including talking to publishers. I didn’t have too much time to plan but I did have a few book ideas stored up my sleeve(s) for a rainy day. So, long story short, I accepted the challenge and now I’m here to debut my first book, One Shoe Two Shoe Red Shoe Blue Shoe




My homage story to Dr. Seuss quickly led me to the realization that I am definitely meant to be doing this (making crazy books, that is) and so, I can confidently say this is the first of more to come. But before we jump too far into the future, Blurb asked me to offer some insight into the process of creating a good book from beginning to end, specifically on their platform. So, I’ve organized all of my thoughts and come to the conclusion that the whole process can (and was) be achieved in these 5 steps. 


  • Step 1. Pick your subject. It should definitely be something you know and L-O-V-E. Mine was an easy pick - shoes! 


  • Step 2. Gather your and organize your resources. I sorted through all of my existing artwork in search of pieces that would work well in my book and lay the foundation for the creative direction. I also surrounded myself with some major sources of inspiration - i.e. my collection of shoes and iconic children’s books! 




  • Step 3. Build Your Narrative. The point of a book, as we know, is to tell a story. With your subject and resources in place, you should be ready to map out your book from beginning to end with copy and visuals. 


  • Step 4. Edit and edit and revise and revise. Once your first draft is finished, tighten it up by reading/looking it over as many times as you can before you have to hand in your final copy. If your self-publishing, ask another person or two to look over it for you. You’ll need some outside perspective! 




  • Step 5. Go into production. My book was created in collaboration with Blurb, which made my first publishing experience a very hands-on one, with every aspect of the creative process in my control. This is probably the right route for you if you have a sweet idea for a book but no publisher. Blurb has all the tools and options one needs to make an all-around picture perfect book. I grabbed the layout specs from their resources section and designed everything from scratch in my favorite design software. :) If you're not a designer per se, Blurb's own book creation software is meant to simplify and streamline the whole process. 




So, that's it! Five steps as promised. Stomp your way through each one and when you're finished, kick your feet (and fancy shoes) up and relish in the fact that you've just added bookmaker extraordinaire to your résumé.


Sponsored by Blurb