A New Way to Wash Your Hair?


A New Way to Wash Your Hair?



Is there? Isn't there? I tried this new hair line to find out! 

Let me start by introducing my hair. It's long, thick, frizzy under most untreated circumstances and sporadically curly when I allow it. In other words, it takes a lot of effort to tame it. Most days my routine consists of wash/condition followed by a wee bit of coconut oil and then whatever product I'm using to smooth right before I blow out and then straighten. An hour long process at the least. 

Unlike products in other sectors (skincare, makeup, etc.) I don't really have any hair favorites that I use religiously. Moving on from one product to the next is a normal occorunce for me, as I've probably been on the hunt for bottled miracles for, let's say, all of my life. 

I'm not going to call out any miracles here, but I am pretty damn excited about Hairstory's New Wash which has completely and positively disrupted the last 30 days of my haircare routine.




What is it?

A brief description of New Wash on their website implores customers to "Imagine a future when you can wash, condition, detangle and repair your hair using only one product. Your shower would be so much tidier, and your regimen so much simpler!"

Well friends, this stuff does just that. I'm not sure if that means the future is actually here or not, but I digress. This lather-less hair cleanser works both as your shampoo and conditioner, cutting down on the actual time spent washing your hair whilst also eliminating the need for a second product. 


What's different? 

It does the work of two products. A proprietary blend of essential oils and naturally derived saturated cleansers are strong enough to wash but gentle enough to condition at the same time, leaving hair clean, detangled and feathery soft. 


How do you use it? 

The consistency will remind you more of a creamy conditioner that a shampoo. I found that I had to work a lot of it into my hair (remember, it's thick and frizzy though) - probably 10 pumps, maybe more if my hair was coated in product - but once you have enough in, you'll be able to start gliding your fingers right through. 

Because New Wash doesn't lather like your typical shampoo, it doesn't feel immediately...correct. But stick with it and you'll really like the results. You want to make sure you're using enough to work through every strand of hair from root to tip and to thoroughly massage through your scalp. Scalp massaging = v important. 

Leave the New Wash in while you finish the rest of your shower activities and then rinse throughly, using your hands like squeegees! 




My Takeaway

I completely committed to using this product until my first bottle ran out without any outside interference from lingering shampoos and I'm happy to report the following:



  • Clean, soft hair as the result of one product. 
  • A subtle but refreshing scent - smells like mint leaf to me, but not in an overpowering way.  
  • What feels to be 1000x more gentle than a typical shampoo, which, I noticed, resulted in the loss of much less hair while I washed. 
  • Scalp feels amazing. 
  • I am able to let my hair air dry with little to no frizz which, for me, can not take place under any other circumstances.
  • No silicones, detergents or synthetic compounds. 


  • My length and texture hair required me to use a lot of the product, which, as a result, had me running low after about 3-4 weeks. 
  • It's really nice to be able to kick shampoo and conditioner to the curb, but at a $40 price point, there's no real savings. 


Will I stick with it?

No doubt. Worst of all, I think I'm hooked.