MoMA is the Spot for Last Minute Gift Ideas


MoMA is the Spot for Last Minute Gift Ideas

Good ones. 



Yes, yes. You've probably seen so many gift guides already this month that another one just isn't what you need. We hear you! But, it is the season for giving and you do have friends and family buy for, so, in an effort to throw some shopping inspiration your way, we tried to think of some out of the box ideas for you. As luck would have it, the good people at the MoMA store have already done a meticulous job of crafting an inventory so good that we're pretty sure there's a gift in there for everyone.

These are the items in our cart right now, but we implore you to explore the whole store! Enjoy.  


Yayoi Kusama

Pumpkin Coin Purse


Inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s iconic pumpkin sculptures, this small leather coin purse features a charming retro design. Made in Japan, the purse has a purple grosgrain lining.





Serpent Necklace


This eye-catching necklace design was developed using CAD software and then 3D printed to achieve a flexible structure and reversible color options.





Mellow Vase


A new way to introduce color into your environment. Inspired by the way late 19th-century Impressionists represented the interplay of color and light, this vase expresses subtle changes in hues through the design’s blurred color gradation.





Soul Tote


The BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE line is designed around the theme of “shapes made by chance” with intriguing designs and diverse materials. This tote—which features a vibrant painterly print—is composed of small triangles on mesh fabric and has a zippered interior pocket and adjustable handles.





Trafalgar Scarf


Mondrian’s Trafalgar Square (1939-43), part of MoMA’s collection, is instantly recognizable as an icon of neoplasticism, the term he used to describe his abstract paintings that relied on straight lines and primary colors.




Seletti Wears Toiletpaper Rug



This statement-making rug, from some of the designers behind Toiletpaper magazine, features the graphic print Legs




David Shrigley

Cat Purse


From the work of the artist known for his monster children, aliens and bad parents comes this David Shrigley Cat Purse. This colorful, embroidered critter features a fluffy tail and is roomy enough for your favorite essentials, including an iPhone 7. Zip closure with removable strap.