I'm Smitten Over Staud


I’m Smitten Over Staud

Giulia Scalese

STAUD was founded on a commitment to producing accessible, yet innovative pieces for the contemporary woman, and man are they doing just that.

I think I became aware of the brand sometime last summer when they were having an “it bag” moment and quickly fell in love with their charming, yet high style language.

Speaking directly to my aesthetic, their clothing is a mix of fashion (not fast) and practicality. A usually minimal approach with a feminine touch and attention to all the right details. Timeless, refined, wear over and over again pieces at an accessible price point. And their color ways have just been… why aren’t more brands having this kind of fun? I always wonder.

Their bags too, which I believe to be responsible for garnering them the Instagram fame. When gazing at the lineup I couldn’t be any less surprised at how their cult following has amassed with every fashion girl slinging around one of their now-famous netted bucket bags - it’s time to move on to a mini Shirley in bubblegum pink and purple.

Long story short, I love this little brand and not just because they’re woke to good design but they are taking steps in the right direction towards fashion that is less disposable and that’s always fantastico.

Enjoy a look at my current favorite pieces from Staud!