My Big Wishlist from Little Rooms


My Big Wishlist from Little Rooms

Giulia Scalese

Being a collecteur means collecting fashions that you connect with - pieces that can be added to your little closet museum to be treasured for years on end because both the design and the purchase were filled with thoughtfulness and intention.

If you’re like me, and the other worldly turns you on, keep reading! Or maybe you’re like “smh at aliens” but you like art deco, victorian and/or other antique elements, then…

Say hello to Little Rooms, an out there handmade jewelry (and now bag!) brand based in Los Angeles, designed by Ester Delug. Little rooms hit my alien weakness in a big way and since it’s general knowledge (no it’s not) that there’s not enough (good) space shit out there, I feel it’s my duty to beam the message of these extraterristrial goodies to any other weirdos who would also like to show up like “I come in peace.”

Hop on over there to check out everything in the shop, or enjoy my picks below. Happy to say the Cosmic Love Ring isn’t living life on the wishlist anymore, cause I just grabbed one. Going in for the earrings next. 👽