The Chicest Reusables


The Chicest Reusables

Water Edition

If you have even the slightest intention of becoming a less wasteful being, either now, or at some point in your existance, that’s great news! Even better news (kidding! no news is better than saving the planet) is your intention won’t be affected even if you’re a person who is generally particular about your accessory game. Case in point, these super chic recepticals for holding/drinking Earth’s most precious gift - water!

We’re especially smitten with the Hip plastic anteen with faux croc shell, which, by the way, comes in a ton of fun colors and the glass straws because who would not drink out of a glass straw if given the option?

Seriously, though. Every action counts as something. The Earth depends on you to do the right thing. From fashion to food, 2019 could be the year you make steps towards lightening your footprint.