Waiting for First Snow

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Waiting for First Snow

Giulia Scalese

It’s the time of year that so many of us swoon over - crisp weather, snuggly fashions, hot drinks, spicy aromas. It’s called Fall, and if a cozy product drops during this coveted season, it makes complete sense to indulge.

Eos First Snow - a flavored lip balm with cute packaging, all natural ingredients like jojoba oil and shea butter and a flavorful holiday medley of lemongrass, orange and bergamot garnished with frosted mint leaves - landed on my desk the other day by way of a yummy Fall gift package and this organic little sphere has since become my said indulgence.

I’m a bit obsessive about lip care in general and keeping mine soothed and nourished - especially during seasonal weather changes - and as it turns out, the nostalgic flavor and holiday vibes of this little nugget inspired me to create my own lip care gift kit that I can hand out to friends and co.

Here’s what you’re going to need to create the perfect pouty gift package.

• An all natural exfoliating lip scrub in a delicious flavor like berry or brown sugar

• An in-season lip mask (apple butter sounds good!)

• A flavorful and soothing lip balm like Eos First Snow.

• A plum shade lip stain

Tuck the all the goods into a chic gift box or bag and voila! It’s a perfect holiday gifting situation. Or, think of it as pre-holiday “just because” gift for someone you’re feeling extra grateful for lately.


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